Salvage junkies. Like father, like daughter.

I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, so I guess you can say I got my love for all things vintage, restored, antique and salvageable through my dad. He’s a handsome fella that loves his ‘winter projects’ so it’s not much of a surprise that the hunt for that perfect piece of junk is in my blood.
At our last event guests were absolutely loving the truck grills from old antique trucks. Sharing this information with my dad, he thought he might have a few grills up his sleeve for the next event.
So I made the trek over to Saskatchewan and we found ourselves a piece of art out in the old family pasture. Watch my dad's debut on YouTube here. The truck grill's pretty cool too! ;)

You’ll see this grill amongst others at the October 3rd & 4th event at Cooper Hall in Calgary. 
Hope to see you there!

Heather Oliphant
Founder of Art of Vintage