Rentals photo shoot with the fam

Why hire out when you have a family that is as creative as they come?

Lori and I are over the moon on this little photo shoot. We got together with a few of our family members to have some fun in the shop and play around with our rental packages. 

We brought in our two nieces to help with the art direction and photography (they even hopped in a few of the shots to get their vogue on!) and our sister, Pam, who has an eye for beauty like no other - not to mention the sky is ALWAYS blue in her eyes, so always a pleasure to have her around. It was a world wind of a couple days, but we got some really fun shots. Here's one of our faves:


We've been busy at the shop, so we haven't had much of a chance to introduce you to the rental side of our venture. This is our opportunity to let you in on the goods.

We have some gorgeous packages that are sure to complement your next event, photo shoot or wedding.  And if you don't see something in the photos, please give us a call or stop by the shop and we'll do our best to find what you're looking for.

AND, just because we love you, we're offering 20% off our rental packages to anyone on our email list that stops by the shop before April 15th. Subscribe to our list here for your 20% off. This is valid on our rentals items only.  Subscribe today, so you don't miss out on this awesome deal!

We hope you're having a lovely week and look forward to seeing you at the shop!

Bye for now,

Heather & Lori
Picker Sisters
Art of Vintage

Oh, and here are a few more photos from the shoot: